Our strength is in our numbers. More specifically, the strength of Sammons Enterprises and its bottom line is the 4,000 women and men around the world who are part of the Sammons family of companies. We believe people are the key to creating economic value; therefore the values of the individual are important to our success. Sammons prides itself on employing the highest quality people, placing emphasis on ethics, integrity and respect.

Seventy-eight years of success has taught us to protect and preserve the values that guide our relationships with our colleagues and business partners. Our values are evident in our behavior and our decisions: how we treat each other, our involvement in the community, and how we decide to invest our time and capital.

We are an ESOP company. And, we give thoughtful consideration to making investments. We realize the decisions we make about investments and operating practices ultimately affect the lives of our co-workers, families and business partners. And, like those who went before us, every one of us takes that responsibility seriously.

Our Vision

Through full commitment to Sammons' cultural principles, the objective of Sammons is to perpetuate the existence of Sammons Enterprises, Inc., by creating ever increasing enterprise economic value for the benefit of current and future generations of its employees.

Our Mission

To build the world's premier ESOP-owned company committed to industry-leading businesses, high ethical standards, solid financial performance and a true values-based culture, where every person makes a difference.

Our Values and Guiding Behaviors

We are guided by six core values that are our code of conduct and our promise to each other and our business partners.

Ethics & Integrity

  • Tell the truth.
  • Honor the intent of commitments.
  • Do the right thing, even if unpopular or risky.

Open Communications

  • Share complete information with others.
  • Listen openly to the ideas of others.
  • Coach others by giving constructive feedback.

Personal Accountability & Empowerment

  • Empower self and others.
  • Ask "what more can I do" to make a difference.
  • Think like an owner.
  • Accept responsibility equally for successes and failures.

Focused Direction & Purpose

  • Live the Mission Statement.
  • Achieve the Objective.
  • Identify and focus on Blue Chips.

Respect for the Individual

  • Treat others with respect, dignity and common courtesy.
  • Meet obligations to others in a timely manner.

Teamwork & Shared Success

  • Ask for and offer support freely.
  • Show appreciation for the contributions of others.
  • Share our success with those who create the enterprise value.